The Global Women X Conference is an initiative by the US-Ghana Chamber of Commerce aimed to bring women across the globe to network, support each other, share ideas and leverage on each other’s expertise.
The conference is focused on 6 disciplines; Health, Education, Finance, Law, Entrepreneurship, and Information Technology. The Mission is to bring together business and professional women from all over the world to exchange and leverage their experiences in the fields of Healthcare, Finance, Legal, Business and Education, and will bring a new sense of self-awareness, self-empowerment and self-leadership that crosses political, cultural, religious, and national boundaries.


    1. Women across the globe within our six disciplines
    2. Have a global mentorship program for younger girls/women across the globe within the six disciplines.
    3. Support Information dissemination on the Global Women X platform.
    4. Create a digital directory for professional women across the globe.
    5. Increase the level of awareness in leadership and business competencies of women across the globe in the formal and informal sectors