Global Women’s Professional and Business Exchange Conference
March 17th – 22nd 2020 Accra-Ghana


who we are

The Global Women’s Professional and Business  Exchange Conference is an initiative of the US Ghana Chamber of Commerce  aimed at bringing  business and professional women from all over the world to  exchange and leverage  their experiences in the fields of Finance, Healthcare, Business, Law, Information Technology and Education and, and will bring a new sense of Self-Awareness, Self Empowerment and Leadership that crosses Political, Cultural, Religious and National boundaries.

Goals & Social Impact

The primary goal of the conference is to increase the level of awareness and leadership and business competencies of Female professionals and entrepreneurs. As a result of the formal and informal cross-sharing of expertise, mentorship, ideas and resources across industry, geographical boundaries and generations, attendees will experience a new understanding of their role in business and personal success. Participants will be encouraged to stay connected and share information, subsequent to conference conclusion through the availability of a global digital platform and directory.

Women who have succeeded outside of academia, the professions and formal business structures will also share their unique experiences as panel contributors. To that end, as appropriate, sessions will be offered in local dialects (with translation in English). In addition, cross generational courageous conversations will be encouraged to increase understanding and post conference communication among attendees of all ages.

Additionally, the conference will emphasize social responsibility and the importance of preparing the next generation of women. Thus the conference includes site visits to organizations with services that impact the quality of life and provide learning opportunities for girls in Ghana. Young women and girls will interact with, and learn from, conference participants who will represent the women they aspire to be and can become. This year’s conference organizers will seek to sponsor 100 rural youth to attend the event.



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