Global Women’s Professional and Business Exchange Conference
March 17th – 22nd 2020 Accra-Ghana

Nathalie Noisette

Business Strategist & Serial Entrepreur

New York Native, Nathalie Noisette, has transformed the way entrepreneurs strategize. As the Founder of Credit Conversion and Co-
Founder of Comice Care, two needs-based businesses, the fashionable serial entrepreneur has developed relationships with The Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce, the Veterans Association, and the Small Business Association through S.C.O.R.E as a Subject Matter Expert.

Before the start of her companies, the Florida International University graduate refined her talents for over 10 years leveraging connections to assist companies such as WSRF 1580 AM, The Seasons of Style, and the University of Miami in creating growth strategies for projects or initiatives. In 2013, she launched Credit Conversion, which quickly became a notable national educational resource for private businesses looking to educate their employees.

Instinctively, Noisette’s passion for nurturing brands and educating consumers lead her to construct the businesses that have gained a cult like following of individuals looking to transition from employment to entrepreneurship. Noisette’s influence remains a constant through her podcast that allows novice entrepreneurs to access the conversations shared between entrepreneurs and experts. The podcast garners thousands of listeners per episode. Noisette has branded herself as a business “secret weapon” through the content shared on and offline.

Noisette and her company has been mentioned in online media outlets such as Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, Lending Tree,, U.S. News and World Report and many more. Noisette has, almost naturally, delivered the outline for elevating both your talent and persona. Her growing number of supporters travel in droves towards the content she shares, and their loyalty is definite.