Join us and become a sponsor for the GWX conference that will be marketed in the United States, Europe and Asia, in addition to West Africa – truly an international event. The opening reception will feature local dignitaries, amazing women from around the world, and local business leaders. Highlights of the conference will be broadcast live around the world. We believe that your presence as a sponsor of this program sends a shared message of commitment and support for our conference mission, goals and objectives:

  • Provide strategic outcome-based exposure, attract multifaceted investments, and deliver tailored skills and professional and personal development training in women in both the informal and formal sectors.
  • Position to be the cornerstone of a pivotal movement in Ghana’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to “sustain and lift women of all ages across political, religious, ideological and cultural boundaries”.
  • Complement what is being done in Ghana to prepare women for self-leadership and future decision – making roles that will implement meaningful change regarding opportunities and gender disparities across all aspects of life.

See below for sponsorship packet.